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Rosarium Health, a Houston-based integrated service provider network that connects people with service providers to deliver home modifications for accessibility purposes, has closed its pre-seed funding round, generating $1.7M in investments.

The pre-seed round was led by Primetime Partners and Rock Health Capital. Tundra Ventures, Flare Capital Partners, Sequential Ventures, Groundbreak Ventures, and several healthcare operating angel investors also participated in the round.

The close of the funding round is another win for the growing start-up, which was selected as a 2022 winner of the inaugural National Institute on Aging Start-Up Challenge and Accelerator: Fostering Entrepreneurial Diversity.

With the pre-seed round of funding complete, Rosarium Health plans to further develop its marketplace platform to serve hospital systems and provider organizations in addition to individual households. The team will develop its enterprise product and begin to partner with accountable care organizations, community-based organizations, and payors. The planned partnerships aim to reduce readmission rates, improve quality performance, and enable beneficiaries to live as independently as possible.

“Our homes are our sanctuaries, but for people with mobility issues, inaccessible spaces can cause frustration, unsafe living conditions, and a loss of dignity,” said Cameron Carter, CEO and co-founder of Rosarium Health. “Interest in creating accessible living spaces is growing among everyday people, service providers, and professional investors. And thanks to the contributions of our new partners, Rosarium Health is in a great position to scale investments into natural capital and achieve our expansion goals and mission of accessibility, always.”

Rosarium Health improves health outcomes and quality performance by improving household accessibility. The Rosarium Health platform connects healthcare professionals and home remodeling companies to households needing accessible home modifications. The company serves individuals across the age span, whether children on Managed Medicaid plans, seniors on D-SNP products, or anyone who wants to age with dignity.

The company aims to achieve its mission of accessibility by imagining housing as a tenet of healthcare, offering high-quality, affordable, and efficacious solutions. Whether a household needs to be assessed or an accessible home modification implemented, Rosarium Health is available to its clients at scale.

And as the US population continues to age, with 1 in 6 households currently led by an individual over the age of 65 and expectations that these numbers will continue to increase over the next two decades. Rosarium Health sees an opportunity to help older individuals retain their dignity while also reducing healthcare costs.

“Creating more accessible housing not only helps older individuals and those with mobility issues maintain their independence and dignity but also greatly reduces healthcare costs,” said Carter. “Even modest investments in creating accessible spaces can reduce total cost of care associated with avoidable emergency room visits, inpatient stays, and physical therapy. And the improvements in the individual's mental health are notable as well.”

After finding success in the Houston market, Rosarium Health has its eyes set on national expansion, starting with scaling throughout Texas. In addition to geographic expansion, Rosarium Health aspires to create partnerships with industry professionals such as non-profits and contractors that are also committed to creating a more accessible world.

About Rosarium Health
Rosarium Health™ is a platform that connects service providers (home contractors and occupational therapists) to clients to complete accessible home assessments and accessible home modifications at a client's primary home, rental property, or their business. The platform strives to create a barrier-free world for people of all ages. To learn more about Rosarium Health, visit

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