healthier communities

by investing in the overlooked.

We back overlooked entrepreneurs who are making the world a healthier place through tech enablement.

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Mission oriented. Outcomes

Doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive. Our founders are bettering human health and building venture-scalable businesses with large end markets.

Who Are We Backing?

Overlooked Experts

Resilient founders build resilient businesses. We partner with first-time entrepreneurs, immigrants, first-generation graduates, diverse operators, and those using their lived experiences to create scalable products & technologies that better reflect the end consumer.

What is our focus?

Healthier Communities

We focus on opportunities that have the potential to meaningfully better health outcomes and reduce healthcare inequities. We also seek solutions that improve human health by addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).

Where Are We Investing?

Investment Criteria

Our focus is digital health, healthcare services, and A.I. & life sciences technology at the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages. We occasionally consider opportunities that improve Social Determinants of Health, including sustainability tech, climate tech, fintech and education technology.

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our experience

for success.

We seek to add value where our combined past experiences and global network can help founders execute more efficiently.


Building Blocks

Assist with venture readiness & scalability.


Operational Support

Introduce operating advisors in key areas.



Leverage community of venture advisors and corporate leaders.



Facilitate key partnerships and pilots.


Growth Capital

Leverage network of institutional & corporate VCs.

About us

Supported by experienced tech leaders and entrepreneurs, Sequential was founded to better human health by backing new perspectives.

We invest in the gritty entrepreneurs in emerging tech hubs who are creating a healthier world through scalable innovation.

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in healthcare & life sciences
Companies funded
by our team in previous roles
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